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JUSZ™ SPRAY (For Cats) MintGemuk Supercat® Brand Ambassador

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Supercat® JUSZ™ SPRAY (For Cats) ensures your cat stays clean & fresh all the time. Making sure your lovely little friends are free from harmful microbes, fleas, mites & wounds. Plus, it is gentle, soft and safe on your cat’s coat…and even on you! So you can put all your worries behind. No water needed for bathing anymore!

Waterless, no-rinse bath.
Cleans and freshens.
Kills off harmful microbes!
Protect against virus, bacteria, fleas and mites.
Open wounds? Say no more! Heals wounds by protecting the open wounds from any infection, thus speeding up the healing time. Smells good! Your cat won’t smell the same again (no stinking smell or bad odor!).

Only fresh and clean smell made from extract of eucalyptus. Eco-friendly Safe on your hand, safe on cat’s coat, safe if licked, and safe for other animals as well as the environment 100% family and pet friendly, with a safety pin feature at the nozzle to prevent children from use it wrongly

Formulated by Renowned Vet & Virus Expert Supercat® JUSZ™ SPRAY is not just your ordinary pet care product. This amazing natural-based and halal-certified formulation is developed by the team of experts led by Dr. Harley Farmer, PhD BVSc (Hons) BVBiol (Path) MRCVS. Lab & clinical tests have proven that it can kill viruses as harmful as Feline Calicivirus, and at the same time safe for the environment, humans & animals.

Supercat provides a complete protection from all sorts of parasites & virus. Made for cats, owners and your loved ones; from animals-to-humans, humans-to-humans, and humans-to-animals.

A quick and easy waterless bath saves a huge amount of your time with no fussy and messy baths. Also on saves your water bill too! Safe for your cats, even if they lick it! Easy on your hands, no irritation or sting even on wounds! Can be used on other pets too, such as dogs, hamsters, sugargliders, and rabbits.